TianJin Huanbo Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd.

Tianjin Huanbo New Materials Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Tianjin Boda Sulfuric Acid Industry Co., Ltd.) is a production and sales enterprise that integrates wet electronic chemicals, industrial sulfuric acid, refined sulfuric acid, dyes, and dye intermediates. It is located in Dagang Petrochemical Industrial Park, Binhai New Area, Tianjin, with an overall area of 150 acres.

In 2004, the Dagang factory was built. The first phase invested nearly 100 million yuan to build a sulfur based sulfuric acid production line, with an annual output of over 200000 tons of industrial grade sulfuric acid, refined sulfuric acid, and other various specifications of sulfuric acid...


Deep qualifications

Established in 1995, it is a professional enterprise that integrates the research and development, production, and sales of chemical dyes and dye intermediates.

A first-class product research and development team

The core personnel team, including the technology research and development team and the application technology sales team, is basically stable.

Green and environmentally friendly

Build a green and environmentally friendly specialized dye production base.

Customized services

Tailor products that meet personalized needs for customers.


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